A. J. Bubear Master Saddler

It is important to have a professionally fitted saddle to provide comfort for both yourself and for your horse. An ill fitting saddle can not only be uncomfortable for your horse but can result in injuries such as saddle sores and back problems. If you don’t check your saddle fits properly and you continue to use it regularly this can cause long term problems for your horse. It can also contribute to behavioural problems as the horse would be uncomfortable or in pain.


Andre’ J. Bubear;  Master Saddler (UK) Regt. Qualified saddle fitter (UK)


Andre’ J Bubear has over 40 years experience working with horses, the last 30 years as a Saddler, covering Saddlery and Harness as well as Pack Saddles, Western and general leather crafts.

If you can’t come to him, then if you’re within reasonable distance he’ll come to you.

Advice on choosing the right saddle depending on your horse’s needs.



Andre is based in Normandie, France and can offer's the following services:


Manufacture, repair and fitting on all saddles, bridles and leather equipment.

Hand-made custom leather belts, collars, bags, bridles, halters to bellows. If you want it made or have your own design, just show Andre and he’ll try to meet your requirements.

Andre specializes in saddle fitting, alterations and repair.


Thorowgood, Kent+Masters, Fairfax saddles and others.


All work produced by Andre is hand-made to order.  Andre offers a personal, quick, competitive and professional service at all times.

Andre can offer you help/advice on all your saddle fitting and equestrian equipment needs. If you need advice or help with equipment repair, fitting or manufacture then please feel free to contact him for professional advice.